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Jon Lampel, LeasEquip Founder

June 22, 2016
With Jon Lampel, LeasEquip, Inc. has a founder and president who is an entrepreneur with considerable experience working for businesses of all sizes and types. He is unique, in that he understands what any business needs based on his success and his accumulated knowledge.

Especially in the days since the devastating recession of 2008 a great many companies have had a difficult time acquiring the capital they need to either start up or expand their business. They may need to buy or replace some expensive equipment or acquire a new location, but they just have a difficult time getting their hands on the money they need.

When it was founded back in 1981 by Jon Lampel, LeasEquip, Inc has been able to assist a great many businesses, whether they were starting up or they were looking to expand, obtain the pieces of equipment they need. They are able to help them do this without having to resort to taking on high interest loans to buy the equipment themselves. Through easily affordable leases, companies can get The equipment they need without incurring too much debt or paying more they can afford.